The need for Social Healthcare

Just seen this images shared by a Friend on Facebook. Such a simple but powerful message. This is why we should all be thankful for the NHS, even those of us like myself that can afford private health cover in addition. There will always be a need to cover these sorts of health issues. I’m glad someone has created this image because there is a lot of fear mongering about the healthcare in the US media. It’s not a health care issue really, it’s a moral one. Do we want to, as a society, let people exist in pain and die because they cannot afford care?


About adamfowleruk
I'm a Principal Sales Engineer with MarkLogic in the UK. Big NoSQL geek, but not a mindless fanboi! Author of the upcoming 'NoSQL for Dummies' book from Wiley. Also love Node.js, particularly for real time situational awareness application stacks where timely information is a must. Love Node.js packages to run http servers, supporting WebSockets on HTML5 apps, and linking to IM platforms like Jabber. I'm the creator of MLJS and MLDotNet, wrappers in JavaScript and .NET, respectively, for the MarkLogic REST API.

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