Problems with an elected second chamber

Potential problems highlighted during the debate on House of Lords Reform on Mon 9th Jul 2012 in the House of Commons:-

  • Regional elections likely to allow minority, racist parties in to influence legislation out of all proportion to the size of their support base
  • Members elected for 15 year, unrenewable term will be wholly unaccountable to the electorate
  • Likely to be more expensive
  • Loss of expertise very likely – one MP mentioned that being from a Navy family she felt safe that she knew what she was talking about when on a defence committee – until she realised there were 17 people from the Lords who were ex sea lords and experts in the Military (MP for Gosport)
  • In the Lords you have to win the argument, whereas in the Commons you only need to win the vote
  • Most referendums on elected mayors rejected – why is there no referendum on Lords Reform?
  • An elected Lords would risk the primacy of the House of Commons

… good debate tonight on Lords Reform. More engaged debate on Twitter than there were jaded opinions on politics. Perhaps both our Parliament and our punlic’s opinion of it are finally improving?


Politicians and Churchill…

There is a long cliched history of politicians quoting Churchill for their own ends. Nick Clegg came unstuck today when he quoted Churchill. He forgot that his Grandson is an MP – Sir Nicholas Soames (Con.).