A list of human atrocities committed in the name of religion (or none).

Date In whose name? Cost in Lives Details
22 Mar 2001 Islam 0 known Taliban destruction of images of Buddha in Afghanistan [USA Today]
1850 Buddhism 156+ Human sacrifices in Buddhist Burma [listverse]
1800-1840 Thuggee <2 million Human Sacrifices by Indian Thuggee [listverse]
11 Sep 1857 Mormonism 120+ Mormon militia attack convey thinking US Army was coming to invade Utah to put down mormonism [listverse]
11 Sep 2001 Islam 2996 Destruction of the World Trade Centre, NYC.
7 Sep 2005 Islam 52 Tube bombings in London [BBC News]
1184-1230s Roman Catholic Unknown Inquisition [listverse]
1850 Buddhism 156+ Human sacrifices in Buddhist Burma [listverse]
1600s Puritan Christians 24+ Killing of Quakers and suspected Witches [listverse]
1428-1521 Aztec 1 860 000 20 000 sacrifices per year [listverse]
1939-1945 None, Anti-Judaism 4.1-5.8 million Nazi Holocaust. Should mention it included non Jewish peoples too (These number an additional 5.9 million) [Holocaust History]
1495-1535 Christianity 3-4 million Spanish killing of the Incas [Third World History]
20th century Christianity 3466 Northern Ireland Troubles. Includes security forces killed [Wesley Johnston]
1649 Puritan Christian 4000 Ireland invasion by Cromwell. Drogheda siege 4000. [Doyle]

Other sources:

Religion’s death toll

Third World History, Pestilence and Genocide from the American Holocaust


One Response to Atrocities

  1. Jo says:

    What about the 6 day war and all the subsequent battles/rocket launches etc between Israel and their neighbours – would be difficult to pin down numbers I suspect but would be difficult to argue that religion wasn’t at least part of the driving force……

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