My Politics

Politics should not be confused with Policy. Policy is a specific answer to a known problem. Politics is about describing a candidate or party’s general position in an area of policy. The reason both politics and policy is important is that elections are not held every day. We vote people in for several years and need to have an idea of their general beliefs in order to be satisfied that they would take an approach we would be happy with.

It is also important to realise that political parties are not immovable behemoths whose collective position remains static over time. A Party reflects the average position of its members. If over time popular mood changes this will be reflected in the party’s position as expressed by its members. It is also important to realise that not everyone in a party agrees with all of that party’s platform of positions and policy. In fact very few people agree all the time on policy. If they did we wouldn’t need debating chambers. If people always agreed and political partys’ positions always remained static then we would vote once every generation, not once every four or five years.

In realising that different people within the same party may hold differing, even opposite opinions, we are left with a difficult decision, we must decide which party’s platform most closely resembles our own beliefs. If we cannot do that then we must make up our mind each election and vote based on the current policies in the manifesto of each party. If there are none we fancy then we have two options – not vote at all (an increasingly popular option) or change the platform of a party by joining it and changing the message.



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