Do we actually want MORE politicians?

Seriously? We can barely control the bunch we have. Now I know the House of Lords needs reform, but making them elected solves what exactly? They don’t introduce legislation, all legislation starts in the House of Commons. So its not like they have any real power. All they can do is delay legislation for a maximum of 1 parliament. So 5 years in the current framework.

here are various criticisms of the House of Lords including:-

  1. Very few members regularly take their seats for debates
  2. It is comprised mostly of retired politicians anyway
  3. They get paid for just turning up (250 quid or more a day from memory)
  4. Hereditary piers (inherited by birth) are an anachronism and divisive in a classless society
  5. At over 1000 in strength, there are far too many members
  6. Church of England Bishops (26 Lords Spiritual) give a heavy bias towards Christian, specifically C o E, minority opinions

All of the above is true. None of the above is solved by yet another elected chamber.

Do we seriously want a poor mans version of the House of Commons? What exactly do we *need* the Lords to do? Effectively we need them to scrutinise legislation, and if they think the Commons are way off the mark, then need to send it back so the Commons can ‘think again’. Exactly which part of this requires elected individuals?

As we’ve seen from the commons the current leadership is made of private school boys from a single background all of which wanted to be professional politicians. They have very little specialist knowledge of the real world. Surely we want experts to review legislation, not panderers keen to keep their own party’s leadership happy and wave through any old crap?

Can you imagine a banking reform bill, or constitutional reform bill decided by people with no experience of banking or life outside the M25? It’d be disastrous.

What we need is a house of experts. Some, yes, may be ex-commons members, but they should be chosen at the end of each Parliament by the Commons to sit for the next 5 years. That could be say 20 members in a reduced house of 400. We should then have the professional bodies select (or choose to elect internally) members to provide expert opinion. These could be business leaders, scientists, leading educators, doctors, pilots, hell even the occasional outdoor instructor and plumber. This would give a much more expert body of people which are more aligned to the social and economic make up of the UK then any elected chamber ever could be.

I think this is pretty easy to do. A constantly changing House of Lords rather than one that is reborn in total every 5 years would also lead to much more consistency in expertise of reviewing legislation.

So can we all please tell our MPs that we’re happy having one MP, thank you very much, and just want people who actually know what they’re doing to check up on and fix their legislation rather than have more elected politicians forced on us, without so much as a constitutional referendum.


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