Uniformed pall bearers turned away from Coventry pub

I just read this story and am absolutely disgusted. This is the latest in a long line of stories of shops and bars banning our brave military personnel. This story though has to be read to be believed.

Whilst wearing No2 (formal) dress practicing for a funeral – and accompanied by the deceased soldiers brother – the soldiers were turned away from the Bar. They only wanted a coffee or tea to calm their nerves before the funeral began. The bar has a policy of not allowing anyone in uniform under any circumstances. I could understand banning groups of 50 pissed up soldiers on leave, but a small group, or individuals, especially in formal dress during the day who didn’t even want alcohol? Absolutely disgusted.

We should pause to remember the brave soldier who died. Cpl Michael John Thacker, 27, of 1st Batallion The Royal Welsh (The Royal Welch Fusiliers). He died on 1st June after being shot whilst manning an observation post in Tir, Nahr-e Saraj, Helmand, Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife Catherine who lived in Coventry. She described Michael as the “love of my life… He was an amazing husbane and father who will always be remembered as a funny, loving and kind man. Everyone who met Mike instantly liked him and through time came to love him.”. You can read more about Michael here.

I support the boycotting of Browns pub in Coventry, but think it should be permanent rather than just on this Saturday, armed forces day. For the landlord to say they would have allowed them in if they had realised it was a funeral party is somewhat missing the point. Why are military personnel on the whole banned anyway? Do they ban black, gay, female, or muslim people too? Why are the military singled out? A group of people who fight for their country with worse pay and conditions than most pub landlords? Its bad enough they are turned away from Harrods on Remembrance Day without others joining in.

We should introduce legislation that adds being in the military as one additional group to discrimination legislation in this country. That way no one will be forced to go through this ever again.


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