The truth about Youth unemployment

Lots of people say the UK coalition has failed due to the youth unemployment rate. Just checked with the OECD live stats page. Here’s the actual results:-

Series: Unemployment, Sex: all, Age: 15-24. Top 25 by descending youth unemployment rate:-

  1. Spain 46.4%
  2. Greece 44.4%
  3. Slovak Republic 33.2%
  4. Ireland 30.3%
  5. Portugal 30.1%
  6. Italy 29.1%
  7. Hungary 26.1%
  8. Poland 25.8%
  9. Sweden 22.9%
  10. France 22.1%
  11. Estonia 21.6%
  12. EU 21 (All EU States) 20.8%
  13. EU 15 (Original EU States) 20.3%
  14. Europe 20.0%
  15. UK 20.0%
  16. Finland 18.9%
  17. Belgium 18.7%
  18. Turkey 18.4%
  19. Czech Republic 18.0%
  20. Chile 17.5%
  21. US 17.3%
  22. New Zealand 17.3%
  23. Luxembourg 16.8%
  24. OECD countries 16.2%
  25. G7 countries 16.1%

Lo, the UK rate is below the EU average. It’s not stellar don’t get me wrong, but we’re hardly failing in comparison are we?

Oh and the change since the coalition took control? An increase of 0.7%. This was an economic crisis created in Downing Street alright… BY THE LABOUR PARTY! How dare Red Ed attempt to taunt the PM with that line. You had 13 years and you ruined the economy. Where’s YOUR apology??? Especially from Ed Balls who truly helped Gordon Brown balls things up. I notice he seems rather well fed still.


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I'm a Principal Sales Engineer with MarkLogic in the UK. Big NoSQL geek, but not a mindless fanboi! Author of the upcoming 'NoSQL for Dummies' book from Wiley. Also love Node.js, particularly for real time situational awareness application stacks where timely information is a must. Love Node.js packages to run http servers, supporting WebSockets on HTML5 apps, and linking to IM platforms like Jabber. I'm the creator of MLJS and MLDotNet, wrappers in JavaScript and .NET, respectively, for the MarkLogic REST API.

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